Sibly’s Occult Sciences. A New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences 1792-1798


The full title reads-A New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences: Or the Art of Fortelling Future Events and Contingencies, By the Aspects, and Influences, of the Heavenly Bodies Founded on Natural Philosophy, Scripture, Reason, and the Mathematics.

Ebenezer Sibly (1751-c.1799) was an English physician, astrologer, and writer of the occult. Early in his life he devoted himself to medicine and astrology. He also studied surgery in London. In 1789 he became the first master of the lodge oh Joppa #188, one of the founding masonic lodges under the Ancient Grand Lodge of England. As a student of medicine, he became interested in the theories on animal magnetism by Anton Mesmer, joining Mesmers Harmonic Philosophical School, and later theosophy. [Wiki].     To write this monumental work of the occult sciences, he leaned on his experience he had as an astrologer, alchemist, freemason, and more. He also drew inspiration from Emanuel Swedenborg’s 1758 “Heaven and Hell”, and Reginald Scott’s 1665 “Discoverie of Witchcraft”.

PART I.    AN Enquiry into, and Defense of, Astrology; with an interesting Discourse on Natural and Occult Philosophy — in which the Wisdom and Omnipotence of God; the intellectual Faculties of Angels Spirits, and Men; the Order, Harmony, Sympathy, and wonderful Properties, of the Celestial and Terrestrial Worlds; the Signs, Influences, and Effects, of the Heavenly Bodies upon all animal, vegetable, and mineral, Subtances; the Number of the Spheres; the Method of erecting the Horoscope to cast Nativities; and the Doctrine of Horary Questions; are clearly exemplified and explained.


EXAMPLES for acquiring a Practical Knowledge of Astrology, with Rules for calculating, rectifying, and judging, Nativities; by which the Reader is enabled to discover, with Precision and Accuracy, every material Incident of his future Life and Fortune. Illustrated by a variety of new, entertaining, and curious, Questions, lately resolved, upon every material Occurrence in public and private Life. With a Collection of the most remarkable Nativities that have been cast for Kings, Princes, and other eminent Men, by the most celebrated, Professors of this science, in all Ages of the World; with astonishing Instances of their exact Completion.


METEOROLOGICAL Astrology defined and explained: Wherein certain Rules are laid down for prejudging the Revolutions, Vicissitudes, and Misfortunes, with which every Part of the habitable World may be occasionally threatened. General Effects produced by great Conjunctions, Eclipses, Transits, Comets, Blazing Stars, and other extraordinary Phænomena; with the Art of calculating Eclipses, Tides, and Weather, for any Number of Years to come. To which is added, a Collection of improved TABLES, contrived to answer all the Purposes of Astronomical Calculations.


The Distinction between Astrology and the Diabolical Practice of Exorcism; in which the Methods used for raising up and consulting Spirits are laid open, with various instances of their Compacts with wicked Men. Account of Apparitions and Spirits; including a general Display of the Mysteries of Witchcraft, Divination, Charms, and Necromancy. Compiled from a series of intense Study and Application, and founded on real Examples and Experience.

Bound in ¾ leather and marbled boards. The set has had a very nice modern re-back done with five raised bands, gilt title over red Morrocco, and gilt fleuron’s. Inside new pastedowns, and new flyleaf’s have been added. There are numerous in-text illustrations, and 30 illustrated plates (other copies only list 29).

The set is in Very Good condition, with the inside pages being Nearly Fine. The plate following p.xii is pasted down to new paper to support it, minor foxing in places, a few words crossed out and corrected, and a few annotations throughout. Also, to note, on p. 29 the number jumps to 39 and continues at that count. The word key and text line up to show that it is a misprint, and not missing pages. The binding has a very professional re-back. The boards have rubbing around edges, the corners are bumped and some of the leather corners are chipped.

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