Resistance to Civil Government by Henry David Thoreau


Resistance to Civil Government Easton Press Published 1993

Resistance to Civil Government (Civil Disobedience) is an essay by American transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau that was first published in 1849.

In it, Thoreau argues that individuals should not permit governments to overrule their consciences and that they must avoid allowing such acquiescence to enable the government to make them the agents of injustice.

Thoreau was motivated in part by his disgust with slavery and the Mexican–American War that lasted from 1846 to 1848.

In this beautiful leather-bound Easton Press copy that was published in 1993, there are also various other essays by Thoreau for you to read and expand your consciousness

Light spotting on some pages, but other than that a well-preserved copy and beautiful collector’s edition.


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