Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis First Printing

Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis First Printing Near Fine Condition Published in 1952

“Mere Christianity” is a timeless masterpiece by C. S. Lewis that bridges the gap between faith and reason. Originally delivered as BBC radio talks from 1941 to 1944, the book encapsulates Lewis’s deep insights into Christian theology in a cohesive narrative that resonates through generations.

Lewis skillfully presents arguments for the existence of God, defends Christian theology with the “Liar, lunatic, or Lord” trilemma, and delves into the ethical underpinnings of the faith.

Readers are invited to explore cardinal virtues and theological principles that shape Christian ethics. Lewis’s articulate prose culminates in a reflection on the Christian conception of God, encouraging contemplation of the divine in an uncertain world.

Through “Mere Christianity,” Lewis’s words offer solace and wisdom, transcending time to provide hope and reason for those seeking clarity in their faith.

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