THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD by Kaspar Sturm 1542

Kasper Sturm, born in Oppenheim in 1475,  was the son of an Electoral Palatinate official, a significant figure of his time. He would become an even more important man in history than his father. Sturm began working for a law office and was contracted by the Nuremberg Council to report on political events and other […]

A Mobile App For Book Collectors

If you are a rare book lover, we know you want: We’re making all those things happen, inside one easy-to-use mobile app. We felt that our supporters deserve a sneak peek at the mobile app we’re building, simply click the video below for an exclusive preview! If you are looking to become a seller on […]

Our New Catalog

We are proud to present Ageless Literature’s newest catalog of priceless books! Please note, the catalog is quite large and may take a moment to load. The catalog may be easier to read on a mobile device by clicking the download button below.

Announcing Ageless Literature’s Catalog

We are proud to present Ageless Literature’s catalog of priceless books! It may take a moment to load as it’s quite large. Use the arrows in the pdf to cycle through the pages. Rather have full screen or want to download? Click the download link below.